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K!ck Condiments is setting out to create a brand that makes a difference.  We're focused on three priorities to create great products that people feel good about buying.



1. Offer gourmet formulas at accessible price points.  Great flavor shouldn’t be trapped in fussy $10 jars. We’ve fine-tuned our recipes with the best chefs in the industry, and we’re unleashing the flavor for more consumers to enjoy for under $4 in most stores!


2. Give back.  Our brand purpose is to Feed the Bold.  We understand that more than ever, people want to make this world a better place – and we share that ambition.  Our company gives back to bold communities and individuals who strive to make a difference.  A portion of our proceeds go to scholarships and supplies for emerging artists and art teachers, and we celebrate a range of bold individuals through product donations.


3. Improve the food ecosystem. The burden is on our generation to both feed our population and figure out how to protect the earth for those to come.  Our current products and our innovation pipeline strive to do that.  Our products are made locally, including our recyclable packaging, reducing the carbon footprint of our supply chain from kitchen to shelf.