Frequently Asked Questions

Why did k!ck start the Feed the Bold $1,500 art supplies contest?


Our brand’s purpose is to Feed the Bold.  As a small business that depends on the work of bold artists to create our packaging and graphic design, we want to show our appreciation for that community and support artists and art educators with the cost of art supplies.



Am I eligible to enter?


Eligibility criteria for entrants:

  • People of all ages can enter.  For winners under 18, a guardian must accept the prize on their behalf.

  • Legal residents of the United States


How are the art supplies provided to the winner and the educator?

  • The art supplies will be provided in the form of a gift certificate to the art store of their choice (Blick Art, Utrecht Art, etc.)


If I win, am I obligated to design the k!ck packaging for an additional $500?




We thought giving the winning artist the opportunity to design a nationally-distributed product package could be great for their portfolio, but the winner is under no obligation whatsoever to design for k!ck.  If the winner chooses to help us with packaging design, they may do so for an additional $500 payment directly to the artist. 

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